1. Measure Your Land – Free

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First off is an app called “Measure Your Land.” This app comes in real handy for me when I’m planting food plots or doing anything that deals with knowing how many acres an area is. You get rock solid accurate measurements at your finger tips so you know exactly how much fertilizer or how much seed to put out over an area. This app has a lot of uses for the deer hunter.

2. MotionX GPS – $1.99

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This app will benefit you in a whole lot of ways. I use this as my main GPS app. You can save waypoints on stand locations or anything else that you want to pinpoint and save on a map.
It can save your tracks when walking through the woods or to and from a stand so you don’t get lost. You will find very detailed information on saved paths and other features from this app. If you’re looking for a primary GPS app then check this one out, you won’t be sorry.

3. Radar Scope – $9.99

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It may seem pricey, but if you’re also a weather enthusiast like me then look no farther for the best radar app. Radar Scope gives you high definition radar data in real-time. The data is straight from the National Weather Service radar sites. It has a ton of features that really do justify the price. I highly recommend it.

4. Hunt Predictor – Free

HuntPredictor Screenshot
This app is by no means a “must have” but if you’re into moon phases and like to see how the weather plays a role in deer activity then give this app a try. I don’t really put too much stock into hunting moon phases perfectly but more than not do I find that the deer activity is better on days that it should be.

5. Which app would you add to this list?

I know their are different variations of these type of apps out there but this is what I use, and it has proved to be very helpful when I’m in the field and when I’m scouting at home. Let me know in the comments below which apps you find useful to your hunting success.

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