I’m going to talk about 5 ways that I’m going to try in my hunting tactics to land that giant whitetail buck. Try giving some of these tips a shot to increase your chance and landing that trophy of a lifetime.

1. Hunting Unexpected Spots

When I first started hunting I thought big bucks would be back in the farthest, most thickest and secluded areas of my place but come to find out, there has been more big bucks spotted closer to roads and in the areas that I would have never gave a chance. Don’t be scared to give these areas a try. Deer have grown to know that usually near a road can be a safe place. For this reason I’m going to setup in some woods close to a well traveled highway. Do not overlook these areas!

2. Don’t Panic in the Early Part of the Season

It’s normal for the deer to somewhat take it easy in the early parts of the season. They mainly have food on their mind before the winter months come into play. Don’t put too much pressure on the core areas of your land. Try to stick with hunting the outsides first before you go crazy and start trying to get right next to a bedding area in the early season.

3. Observe and Pursue

Having a stand that allows you to observe the deer and learning their patterns and movements can play a big role. It may not be a stand that you feel confident in making the kill but at least you can get a good idea on where you may need to move your setup in order to land that perfect spot for the kill. Be wary of where your locations are. Start from the outside and get a good idea where the bucks may be bedding and then move in slowly. Do not try to setup smack dab in the core bedding area on your first hunts!

4. Don’t Guess the Rut

The rut can vary year to year. In the past I would get frustrated in the early season and tell myself to just wait for the rut and things would change. I would hunt hard in the early parts of the season and then almost stop hunting until I thought the rut was about to hit. But come to find out in that time that I laid off from hunting that the action really picked up. You need to be in the stand to observe those tell tale signs that the rut is about to really hit full swing.

5. Be Patient and Learn

Take all the information that you can in and process that info. Look at your trail cameras and maybe even keep a log of what you are seeing from stand to stand. If you are really serious about trying to land that big buck kill, then pay attention to every little detail. Sometimes it’s those small details that make you realize what you’ve been missing. Come up with a plan of action and remember everything you’ve learned so far and use that to your advantage. You will be surprised when things come together and that light goes off in your head. It will make it all worth it!

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Written by Colton

My life revolves around hunting whitetail deer. I also have interests in technology, sports, and thinking of big ideas.

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