In my other Best Camera for Filming Hunts post, the camera I speak about is a little on the higher priced end of what most people are willing to pay when they are starting out filming their hunts. Hopefully this can help narrow down your decision!

First off when you are looking for some type of camera to video your hunts and to look at least semi professional, do not use a GoPro or any type of action camera. These cameras make great close-up cameras but they are not meant to be your main camera.

$500-$700 Range

Here is the Panasonic HC-V750 Full HD Camcorder – $547.99
Panasonic HC-V750

Some things to like about this camera. The 20x optical zoom is perfect for getting in close on those long shots. This camera also has a time lapse feature which is great, and an option for slow motion recording for watching exactly where your shots hit! Here is a link to some test footage from YouTube.

You can also purchase or read user reviews on Amazon here.

If you are needing footage that will at least look decent-good then this price range and camera would probably be the bottom line. Once you start getting cheaper the features and quality really start to degrade. This Panasonic will make a great camera for you to use and film your hunts.

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