Canon XA20Here is my opinion on which I think is the best camera for filming hunts. First of all there is no absolute best that will fit the needs for everybody. It’s almost like choosing which bow to buy. There may be three different hunters that all have a different bow, but they each have the best bow for their certain needs. This will solely be my opinion on which camera I believe is the right fit for me. If my uses relate to yours then great! If not, then at least you can see a different perspective.

My search for the best camera for filming hunts began a few months back. I spent hours and hours researching and looking for the perfect camera. If you’re like me, you will end up driving yourself crazy! At first I was looking at camcorders in all price ranges, big and small, finding one I thought to be perfect and then reading one bad review or finding one certain thing that would turn me away. I then began to realize that if I’m going to be doing a lot of self filmed hunts I don’t need a larger type camera to have to lug around on top of all my other gear. I needed one that was small and compact that still had big time pro features. This helped narrow down my search. Let me introduce you to the Canon XA20!

My pick for best camera to film your own hunts.

Canon XA20 My pick for best camera to film your own hunts.

Keep in mind I’m not listing each camera in every price range. For the money I don’t think you can go wrong with choosing this camera.

A few features that make the Canon XA20 great for filming hunts

  • Size and Weight
    Weighing at 1.7lbs and just 7 inches in length (without the lens hood) it is very lightweight and compact making it easy to pack
  • Optical Zoom
    It has 20x optical zoom that can really get out there and get those far away shots and look crystal clear at the same time
  • Pro Audio
    It has XLR inputs for professional audio and external mics
  • Infrared
    The XA20 also comes with infrared shooting for filming in total darkness on the way to the stand or for the recovery footage
  • Manual Controls
    For getting the perfect shot

I will have a full review of the Canon XA20 up hopefully in a few days and will add to this post as needed. If you have any questions or have something to say then leave a comment below! I would love to answer your questions, thanks!

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Written by Colton

My life revolves around hunting whitetail deer. I also have interests in technology, sports, and thinking of big ideas.

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  1. Jeff - NC Reply

    Thanks for the review and good choice with a Canon. I just went through the same search during preseason. Total cost of the entire self filming set up started to scare me so I started to look for more economical options other than the XA20.

    I ended up going for the Canon HF G10. It is great in low light and the size is perfect for self filming. You can read more about my choice here

    Thanks for the review and looking forward to hearing more about your season and seeing some video!

    Good Luck

  2. Bradley Reply

    I am very interested in getting a camera and filming hunts , and this looks like a great camera to start with but what are you using for a editing system ? I am using a mac and noticed you had a mac in the background of your picture . thanks

    • Colton Reply

      Recently I just purchased a new MacBook Pro and video editing was one of the main reasons for it. My iMac that was in the picture is a few years old and I wanted something that could really handle some heavy processing. As of right now I am trying out a 30 day trial of Full Cut Pro and so far I have to say I like it. I love my new MacBook by the way. I also have downloaded a trial of Adobe Premiere but haven’t got much of a chance to use it yet. Over the weeks I’ll try to get a lot more posting done on this site, and do some more in depth articles on all aspects of filming hunts and editing.

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