I’m always obsessed with wanting to find the perfect broadhead that I can trust and shoot over and over again from year to year without having to worry about what I’m shooting. To be honest I really haven’t shot enough deer or other animals to really fall in love with one broadhead. Now there have been some that I really like from just the looks appeal.

I really liked the looked of the Rocket 3-Blade Meat Seekers but after shooting a hog and not getting much penetration I’m second guessing myself a little bit. Now I would have loved for that arrow to sliced through the hog but that just wasn’t the case. I also know how tough hogs skin can be and I really believe I hit that hog right in the shoulder so nothing was really going to penetrate through him but still, it just makes you wonder if you were shooting something else then what the outcome would be.

I’m going to give the following two broadheads a try.

DeadRinger Freak NastyI love the look of the DeadRinger Freak Nasty broadheads. I’m hoping they will fly true like others have said, and I’m the type where I’ve got to try something, especially if I like it, before I can say that it’s not the right one for me.

120496Next will be the Grim Reaper SS Whitetail Special. I’ve heard great things about Grim Reapers and I really wanted to give them a try last year. I’ve not lost all hope in the Rocket Broadheads but I think these Grim Reapers might be what I was looking for! I hope to let a lot of arrows fling at some big mature bucks this year and finally find out which broadhead I can trust.

What broadheads do you use? Have any horror stories?! Let me know in the comments below, I love hearing what other people have to say about broadheads!

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