This season was the first season for me to start wearing Scent Blocker Clothing

while hunting. In the previous years I always took scent control seriously but wouldn’t wear actual pants or jackets that would help control the amount of scent I put out. Before this hunting season I saw Cabelas was offering a pretty good bargain on the Scent Blocker Jacket and Pants so I figured I would give them a try. I can honestly say I have seen a big difference.

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The turning point that finally allowed me to tell myself how good this stuff really is happened the other day during a hunt. I was filming a small buck running some does on the tree line when I heard something running right towards me. I looked down and nice hog was coming right under my treestand. This hog came exactly down wind of me. From experience I will say that hogs can pick you off with their nose better than a deer can but this time it was different. The hog never smelled me, or at least it wasn’t a strong enough scent to alert him. He came to a corn pile I put out earlier and offered me a great shot. I nailed him at 18 yards. I wasn’t able to find the hog but that’s not the meaning of this article.

So far this entire season I haven’t had a deer one blow at me. In the seasons before it would probably happen every other hunt that I actually saw deer. I know I’m sold on Scent Blocker now. There is still a lot of scent control steps I take besides just wearing the clothing but there is no doubt that it helps.

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  1. Jared Reply

    I’ve had good success with scent blocker. Don’t go hunting without it!

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