Hooyman Extendable Tree SawToday I’m going to review the Hooyman 10′ Extendable Tree Saw as well as finding the best price! I was able to put this saw through some good work over the weekend and I was actually amazed by how well it performed.

First off, the main uses for this saw consist of cutting shooting lanes from your tree stand. It’s not meant to be forest clearer. It does outstanding at what it is meant to be used for. Hooyman makes this saw in 5′ length as well as 10′. I opted for the 10′ because I just knew if I went for the shorter of the two that I would be kicking myself for not going with the longer of the two.

Current price for the Hooyman 10′ Extendable Tree Saw is $79.99 from Amazon!

What I Really Like

I like how this saw folds up to be very compact when carrying it through the woods. It is very sturdy also. When extended all the way out to 10′ there is a little play but that is to be expected and it is not something that should turn you away from getting one. The way the blade cuts through the wood is great. It almost never sticks and is very smooth. I was amazed at how the blade cut through the woods in a very short time. I could saw a 2″ limb in 4 swipes! There is no need to put down pressure on the saw when cutting. The blade ends up doing all the work, I love it!


After putting the saw through some tests from my tree stand it actually exceeded my expectations. As soon as I was finished I was thinking of telling my buddies how well it performed. For the price I don’t think you will be disappointed in purchasing this saw!

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