A lot of times I get asked where are deer bedding areas? It usually always starts with someone asking where is the best place to hang a stand or what area should they be hunting in and then the usual reply is find the bedding area and find the food. Then the question becomes how in the world do I find the bedding area?

Here are a few things you need to know about bedding areas before you try to find them.

1. A place where a deer feels very safe and secure.

2. Usually in thicker cover or timber.

3. An area with little to no human activity.

Deer Bedding Area

A good time to scout and find these areas is right after the hunting season is over. You don’t want to barge into these areas when you are hunting because all you will end up doing is hurting yourself and pushing all of the deer out. Look for signs of deer, there is no for sure spot that the deer will be, you have to find which areas are right in your specific area. Questions? Be sure to leave a comment!

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  1. Will Reply

    I’ve been trying to find some bedding areas on the place I hunt, this well help me out. If I happen to spook some deer out of a bedding area will they come back or go elsewhere?

    • Colton Reply


      If it occurs often you can pretty much count on those deer not wanting to come back to the area but one time might not be as bad as you think. It’s better to make a little noise outside of the area for example driving in your vehicle and slamming a door shut and letting the deer know you are there and giving them time to leave the area instead of you sneaking in and jumping them on foot. They sure don’t like that so keep that in mind!

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