Deer need mineral and nutrients just like all living things to sustain a healthy diet.  Supplying your land with deer mineral licks can greatly improve all aspects of their health.  Not only do minerals give deer bigger racks, it helps doe and fawns build a strong immune to diseases and other harmful things that can draw them down.  If you want bigger, healthy deer, then mineral licks are a must!

How To Start A Deer Mineral Lick

Starting out, here is a list of items you will need.

  • A Shovel
  • Metal Rake
  • Bag of mineral or a mineral block
  • Good location

For this mineral lick I will be using a bag of high magnesium livestock mineral.  Exact kind of minerals can vary but most types will work.  Choose an area that has a decent amount of deer activity, for example a good spot would be just to the side of a highly traveled deer trail.

Break up the ground and try to remove all grass, leaves, etc.  About a 3×3 feet area.

Create A Deer Mineral Lick

Break up the ground and remove all grass and leaves.

Next, dig a hole in the middle.  I made mine about a foot deep and a foot wide. Then pour the mineral into the hole until it fills up, use the rest of the bag to coat the dirt around the hole with an even layer of your mineral.

Deer Mineral Lick

Fill hole, then spread around evenly.

Then go ahead and mix the rest of the dirt in with the mineral.  You can even throw some corn or other attractant on the site to help the deer finder it quicker.  Make sure to obey the baiting laws in your state.

Finished product!

Deer Lick Station

Now you have a complete mineral lick to help your deer stay healthy.

Written by Colton

My life revolves around hunting whitetail deer. I also have interests in technology, sports, and thinking of big ideas.

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