When you purchase a Lone Wolf Treestand you know you’re getting a product that is made by people who have a good knowledge of exactly what hunters are looking for in a treestand.  From the moment you lay your hands on it, you quickly realize the product you are getting is one that will last through many hunting seasons and maybe even the rest of your life, yes they are made that good.

Lone Wolf Hang-On Treestands

Lone Wolf makes three variations of hang-on treestands.

Lone Wolf Alpha
The Alpha is the largest of the three, weighing in at only 14 pounds. Sometimes Amazon offers used Alphas, check this link to see if some are available.

Lone Wolf Assault
The Assault is lighter than the Alpha, but there is also a noticeable size difference in the platform. If you are torn between the two and can’t decide which one you should get, I would recommend going with the Alpha. The larger platform makes quite a bit of a difference. If you are making long trips and weight is your main concern then the Assault is your best choice.

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech F1
The Alpha Tech F1 is the newest of hang-on stands from Lone Wolf. You probably won’t find many used Alpha Techs just yet but once they come available I will post them here.

Lone Wolf Climber Treestands

Lone Wolf Sit & Climb
Lone Wolf Sit & Climb

Lone Wolf Hand Climber

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