Here is a little info about the Z7 Extreme.

Aggressively compact, the Z7 Xtreme offers a rare combination of size and agility for all hunting situations. With a generous brace height of 7 3/8” the Z7 Xtreme provides superior forgiveness and helps produce tighter groups at all distances. With speeds up to 330 fps the Z7 Xtreme will enhance your effective shooting distance and create more kinetic energy. Equipped with a ZX ™ Cam and the revolutionary Reverse Assist™ Roller Guard, the Z-Series™ has earned a reputation as the smoothest-drawing bow ever designed.

When the moment of truth finally arrives, we can unexpectedly be forced to improvise, stretch our abilities, and do the slightly impossible. Face your challenges with confidence and Experience the Xtreme.
MSRP $899.00

What are your thoughts on this bow? Has it lived up to what you thought it would be? I’ve only shot one a few times and it felt pretty good but just by shooting those few shots I wasn’t sold right away on the bow. Let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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