Moultrie M-80
Here is one of the best trail cameras on the market today. The Moultrie M-80 is chosen highly because of the most features and quality for the money. Best of all this camera is under $200.

Starting off, one of my favorite trail cameras is the Moultrie M-80. A few things that I really love about this camera is the battery life, image quality, and night photos. I have been using lithium batteries in my M-80 and I have put some cameras out this year that still have more than 50% battery life leftover from last year! This is a huge plus because no one likes having to worry if their camera is still running or always having to exchange the batteries, that can get pretty expensive. You won’t have to worry about that with this trail camera. This cam has performed very well for me for the past two hunting seasons. From 100 degrees plus to freezing rain and snow, the M-80 has been a great performer and has not let me down.

The Moultrie M-80 price runs around $130.00. Check the current price on Amazon Click Here.

Exclusive deal from Amazon. Buy both the Moultrie M-80 and 8GB SD card for only $128.00. This is the lowest price I’ve seen this combo set out. You have nothing to worry about since you are buying from the actually Moultrie company through Amazon’s site.

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Top Features

  • Night Shot – This camera takes extremely bright night photos. In some cases if your camera is pointing to far down at the ground or has objects close to the camera then sometimes it may be too bright. This isn’t a problem though, you’ll be extremely happy at how this thing lights up the night!
  • Image Quality – The M-80 takes 5 mega-pixel images and they are in a wide angle format which is great. This means that if you were viewing these images on an HDTV they would fit perfectly with your screen. I will have some sample images coming shortly
  • Battery Life – I touched on this earlier. You should not have any worries when it comes to battery life with this camera. Especially if you pony up and buy the advanced lithium batteries. It is well worth the extra cost to keep your camera in the field for many months longer.

M-80 Sample Images

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If you are looking for another trail camera to add to your arsenal or buying for the first time, the Moultrie M-80 will not disappoint you. I will update this review accordingly if I have any problems with this camera in the future. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

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