Two of the big dogs in the wireless trail camera game happen to be Bushnell and Moultrie. Both are known for their history of making some of the top selling trail cameras. I’m sure a lot of people wonder well, which one is better?

Let me start by saying that I have personally been using both systems for around 4 months now at the time this article was written and there are plenty of things that I like and dislike about each of them. Let’s get started.

First off there is one main difference. Bushnell has a camera that itself will send the pictures. Moultrie has a modem which you connect to your existing cameras. This is great if you already have a newer version of the Moultrie camera.

We have honestly had more luck with the Moultrie Modems. And paired with the solar panel these things will last you year round!

More on this to come later.

Written by Colton

My life revolves around hunting whitetail deer. I also have interests in technology, sports, and thinking of big ideas.

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