Trail Camera Security

A few tips on placing a trail camera on public land. As many of you may know, doing this sort of thing is not done by most hunters and you are risking your trail camera getting stolen most of the time. Here are a few tips to think about if you are brave enough to put your camera in public areas.

#1 Place your camera higher up in the tree.

This one is sort of obvious. Don’t place in your camera at a normal line of sight where a person could scan the woods easily and see your camera. Place it at least 10 foot up in the tree. You will need to angle the camera downwards to catch the action but it is better than having it spotted by thieve.

#2 Use cameras with invisible or black infrared

Cameras now days have the option to still take amazing night images while showing no flash or glow at all to the human eye. It will help tremendously if your camera has the ability. Most cameras are snatched up at night by people passing through the woods and seeing the bright flash come from the camera.

#3 Get a trail camera security box

Most thieves are lazy people. If it takes them too much work and they can’t figure out how to get the camera then more than likely they won’t take it. A security box is a great way to add a little more protection to your camera.

Using the tips will help your trail camera survive in a public hunting area. It may not be 100% theft deterrent but it will sure ease your mind a lot more knowing you have added protection for keeping your camera safe.

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