Drones for hunting

I recently read an article which said Colorado was the first state to ban the use of drones for scouting, hunting, and taking of wildlife. I’ve been very interested in drones or UAV’s the past several months. I’ve also came close to buying one. Now I would never use one while I was actually hunting but I do think it would be cool to use it for scouting purposes. Do you think that’s wrong? In reality it’s not that far off from using a trail camera. Except this time your trail camera would be in the air and be moving!

One of the main purposes I would use a drone would be to capture more updated aerial imagery of my place. It’s amazing how much growth has occurred on my hunting land. It seems that some small trees and brush have grown several feet in just the past few years. When using the images from Google Maps it makes my place seem a lot more open than it really is! Things have definitely changed. Sometimes all you need is that one advantage to get on that trophy buck that has been evading you. There is always something that can be missed when scouting on the ground and a view from up top could help out tremendously.

I also read in that article where a group of hog hunters had a very high tech drone, equipped with thermal cameras and a live video transmission feed where they would scour their place searching for a pack of hogs. Once they were found a group of hunters would go in for the kill. They claim to have killed 600 or so hogs in one month using this technique! We all know hogs are a menace to our deer hunting, crops, etc. I could see where this would help out a lot in hog removal. But then again it does seem like technology is taking more away from the actual hunt.

What is your take on this? Is using drones for hunting and scouting purposes a bad thing or just the way we are adapting to using whatever technology we have to our advantage? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Written by Colton

My life revolves around hunting whitetail deer. I also have interests in technology, sports, and thinking of big ideas.

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  1. mike Reply

    absolutely not. it takes the hunt out of hunting. we have game cameras that help hunters monitor game trails ,but are they helping us as hunters or a way for us to be lazy , or a way to cheat.? i know my state doesnt allow spotlighting even without a weapon . im not sure on the laws for use of helicopters . all of these methods are ways that hunters get the edge on what/ an animal ? ok i get the use for copters ,spotlights or what ever is used for pest, like hogs , or hunting down criminals. drones absolutely would be cheating,and they should never be in the hands of civilians . we already have a big problem with people being able to find our address, phone #, and look exactly at our house on google earth, we dont need to let the public be able to use equipment that not even the government needs. lets leave this technology for the military.

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