Wildlife Research Magnun Scrape Dripper

This scrape dripper will bring the big bucks into your area. Make sure to cover your scent when setting this up. Great for using on an existing scrape or making your own. Find a good licking branch about 5 feet off the ground to improve your results. This is a good way to get trail camera pictures of a lot of bucks. This definitely will improve your deer action.

Here is a little update on this product. It seems that if you use this in the early season and tend to be in an area that has warmer temps then the scrape dripper will tend to drip pretty quick. From my experience this will not last two and a half weeks but I use my in Texas and Southern Oklahoma. I’m sure cooler areas will see longer results. Just wanted to add that!

Written by Colton

My life revolves around hunting whitetail deer. I also have interests in technology, sports, and thinking of big ideas.

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